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Travel Lines Express Franchise Company

THE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES TRAVEL AGENT NETWORK and TRAVEL LINES EXPRESS FRANCHISE COMPANY have a mission to promote professionalism, administer meaningful and impartial business standards, and to provide cost effective products, services and educational programs that benefit the travel industry. Through the use of its informational and other resources, IATAN & TRAVEL LINES EXPRESS FRANCHISE COMPANY provides a vital link between the international supplier community and the United States travel distribution network.

Bridging the gap between the minority community and the travel industry, the National Minority Franchise Initiative seeks to empower minorities and bring business ownership opportunities within their reach. The National Minority Franchise Initiative created with the cooperation of the United States Small Business Development Agency, the National Urban League and the Minority Business Development Agency focuses on introducing prospective minority business owners to the world of franchising, a place that sorely needs minority representation. In fact, while minorities make up more than one-fourth of the American population, minorities own less than 10% of franchises in the United States. Travel Lines Express has made a major commitment and large investment to insure that franchise opportunities are made available to minority groups and individuals in the travel industry.

The community of franchising wishes to honor those who have so bravely served our country that a special program called HireVetsFirst was created with the cooperation of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the Small Business Administration. With outreach initiatives to our country's military and veteran organizations, the program continues to expand. Travel Lines Express has made a long term commitment to help veterans acquire a travel franchise business.

United States Department of Justice

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped fulfill the promise of America for millions of individuals living with disabilities. The anniversary of this landmark legislation is an important opportunity to celebrate our progress over the last 16 years and the many contributions individuals with disabilities make to our country. When President George H. W. Bush signed the ADA into law on July 26th 1990, he called this legislation a "dramatic renewal not only for those with disabilities but for all of us, because along with the precious privilege of being an American comes a sacred duty to ensure that every other American's rights are also guaranteed." The ADA's far reaching reforms have played a significant role in enhancing the quality of life for millions of Americans who must overcome considerable challenges each day in order to participate fully in all aspects of American life. Travel Lines Express welcomes the opportunity to help all Americans with disabilities acquire a travel franchise business.

The Berkely Group - Insurance Exclusively For The Travel Industry

TRAVEL LINES EXPRESS FRANCHISE COMPANY and THE BERKELY GROUP providing the travel community with insurance solutions.

"Travel Agents' Professional Liability Insurance" is commonly referred to as "Errors and Omissions," or simply "E&O."

Technically, errors and omissions coverage represents only one component of a comprehensive "Travel Agents' Professional Liability" policy. The type of claim that would fall under the "E&O" category would be a client alleging that an agent booked an incorrect departure date.

Unfortunately, claims are also made against travel companies and home based travel agents for situations that involve bodily injury to a client. One distinction of the travel industry is that unlike most other types of businesses, travel agencies need protection for bodily injury claims that could occur anywhere in the world. After all, it was the travel company who arranged the trip for the client. The coverage that is selected should recognize this type of travel-related exposure.

Storefronts, offices and home based travel agencies maintain General Liability coverage for incidents arising out of business operations.

A quality "Travel Agents' Professional Liability" policy should provide worldwide liability coverage for "E&O" in addition to "Bodily Injury" (BI) and "Property Damage" (PD) claims of the agency's clients.

This is one reason why a policy specifically designed for the industry has earned its place in travel companies' insurance portfolios. But not all programs are created equal.

The program you select should have personnel with experience underwriting exposures & handling professional liability claims for travel companies.

Although a claim is always undesirable, the knowledge of the staff responsible for working on your claim is invaluable when it is time to protect your agency. Look for specific experience in the very specialized travel industry professional liability area.

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